Persistence? or not? girls, please help?

i recently texted a girl i've known for for years. we were out of touch for a while. she has already said she wants to get together for dinner and maybe tennis another time. in fact, it was all her idea.
we've made plans, but they've been hindered by circumstances. she really SEEMS interested even though we've only texted so far.
she works in retail. would it be a good or bad idea to go see her at work? would it be too persistent?
I feel like im being impatient, but i really like her.


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  • Honestly... If I was the girl, I would be a little weirded out if you showed up just to see me. You can say that you were in the mall (if she works at the mall) and thought of her - thus stopped by.
    That is nice, make that face to face... Just if she is busy, don't sit around and wait for her. You may make her feel rushed. I don't know where you live but it is 'season' here in Florida and a lot of retail workers are pushing hard to get ready for holidays and such.


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  • If u are already texting her, then whats the problem? Ask her out for a date when she is free. I know sometimes there is a problem while meeting. Maybe you could try droping her at work or walk to her home after work. Driving or walking depends on u. Also you can call her or meet her face to face at work only if she is not busy. Be persistent but have patience too. Just dont be so patient that someone else takes her away.

  • You should probably CALL her at least a few times before you just show up.