I had my first kiss today, wasn't that great. WTF?

I've always had problems dating, and I've lost a few girls, just because I didn't know how to go for the kiss. Today I had my first kiss, but it was neither that hard to do, nor was it that good. Did I do it wrong? Or is it because I don't have much feelings for the girl?


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  • HAHA, welcome to life. A lot of things are hyped up and really isn't as special as made out to be!


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  • My first kiss was dreadful... I remember thinking it was one of the worst experiences of my life so far! Don't worry about it, it gets better :-)

    • How bad could it have been? Were you getting raped or something?

    • God no! It was just gross and slobbery? I had expected it to be nice and it was just such a let down!

  • When I had my first kiss, it felt weird. Like I didn't feel anything special like that, just was thinking if she had brushed her teeth

  • :3 aww lucky you ;) congratulation

  • and you're 25 to 29. are you serious?

    • I wasn't grown up in the west. Had to go to all boys school until the end of high-school. I had to go through many other worst things. There was no way I could do any better.

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    • @knowit1
      Lol you nailed it. This is what American girls are like. Lol
      But hopefully i have seen good ones here..

    • relax.. I was just surprised. Sex for the first time I can understand but kissing c'mon, these days kids are doing it when they are freaking 8 or 9:/

  • Just had mine. I felt nothing at all. It was awkward lol.

    The guy ended up being an ass so hopefully with the right guy it will feel much better

    • You talked like a bitch

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    • Oof, that guy was butthurt. Maybe he's secretly the guy you kissed? ;)

    • Lol no idea why he got so mad. Haha!

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  • It could be maybe you don't have that much attraction to the girl, so breaking that barrier didn't really "wow" you. I think it's also the case with a lot of "late bloomers" that they spend so much time thinking and sensationalizing about what the first time is actually gonna be like that reality can be disappointing at first.

  • Kissing is overrated honestly lol.
    I had the same experience you had.
    The girl laughed and said I was doing it wrong, but she wasn't trying to suck my tongue like they did in the movies either lol. And her lips were cold too lol.

    But anyways, with more practice, kissing will become more enjoyable for you.

  • Lol at least you got it and look at the irony, my lips are still virgin.
    So be content and confident next time.

    • I had to go through a lot of rejections and awkward experiences to get a kiss. Still worth it. You should put a hundred percent, otherwise you're wasting your life, one day at a time.