Why is my girlfriend so boring?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 3years now. We're high school sweethearts that lost contact for 6years. Reunited and she's still the same from high school. No personal growth. She goes to work and come home. Thats it! Her approach to life is making her less sexy to me. She act if she's 45years old. An absolute bore. All the conversations are the same. Life with her is Ground Hogs Day, the movie!! What should I do?


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  • Just honesty here-- that's women. The women who seem all fun and adventurous bc they go out all the time, run marathons, zip line down a mountain, or kickbox for fun are just doing that or pretending to do that for a temp time, to create this carefree, fun, date able image. I'm doing it right now as I'm getting to know this guy. I genuinely like doing all these things, but spread out. Most weeks I do work (my butt off) and come home to rest. These fun activities happen every few months bc I have a job and responsibilities, unlike my college days where I could do whatever whenever.


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  • You either need to approach this with her, try to suggest/introduce something new in your lives and see if she's open to it, or break-up with her so you both can find someone you are happy with.
    Maybe she's not really aware of how you feel or how boring her life is to you. Maybe she feels content in her life. Only she knows... but if you try to do new things together and she's not willing, that's your answer that you need to break-up. Because you're incompatible, you want different things...

    • I've informed her of her behavior. She'll be cool for a week or so. Then back to her naturally buzz killing normal self :-(

    • Then sadly it's probably time you move on. People can only play pretend for so long. It's inevitable that if there is no change on both parts to bring excitement and happiness into the relationship, it will fail. You're incompatible, you want different things. Sometimes love isn't enough... and that pretend part goes both ways. You pretend you're okay with how things are while she pretends she wants to change. No change will happen unless the individual them self decides they want to take the action.

  • Dump her cause you are losing respect for her and even if she is a bore she doesn't deserve that type of treatment


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  • What you should do? Leave her so she can have a man that might appreciate her, and so you can find a woman who you absolutely love everything about.

    This isn't a very hard decision here...

    • Thank you for your input, fella. She's a safe choice but an absolute bore. It's definitely a hard decision