He's saying I'm putting too much pressure on the relationship. What do I do?

Talking for 3 months, he texts me everyday, but when I ask where the relationship is headed, he tells me I'm putting too much pressure on the relationship and overthinking it.

What does he mean exactly (man translation would be appreciated)?

Also, what should I do BC I like him but I'm frustrated?


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  • He doesn't want to think about it, and probably doesn't know what he wants either. Asking him where the relationship is going means that he'll have to think about it, ignoring it is easier, but ultimately, worse. Don't ASK him where he thinks it's going, TELL him where YOU want it to go, his reaction, if you have good intuition, will tell you everything you want to know.


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  • He sounds like he doesn't want anything serious. Just a fling. (Man translation completed 100% finished done)

    • What you do depends on your wants.

    • I want something serious so how should I tell him? I don't want to freak him out.

    • Why don't you want to freak him out? Understanding and listening to someone voice their opinion in a serious relationship is crucial. If he can't fathom that idea than he is too immature for you to be sticking around with, no matter how much you want him, for better or for worse.

      Be flat out on your wants and needs. If he's marriage material, he will compromise, And voice his own wants and needs. If he is not, he will stray from the subject, panic, or break it off with you.

  • this is easy, translation isn't necessary. you're trying to put a label on it. you've only been dating for 3 months. seems fast to me. give it a little more time. If I was in his shoes I would feel pressured too because 3 months isn't enough time to feel someone out and see who they really are.

  • let the relationship be. Don't ask where it's going, just let it go. if it's meant to be, it's meant to be


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