My boyfriend of one year doesn't want to take me to his senior prom. Should I be mad?

He always wants to hang out by ourselves and I don't really knows his friends. He's always telling me he loves me and that I'm hot and yet he doesn't want to take me.

he might take a friend
I'm younger than him so unless I went wit him I wouldn't be going anyway.


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  • Whoa, he may take someone else! That's crazy!

    I'd be mad.


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  • You have every right to be mad with him, this is pretty fkd up.

    • As a guy how do YOU think I should go about confronting him because I'm the type of person who hates confrontation but christ I'm jus so p*ssed

    • Guys will only do what you let them get away with. You just need to flat out tell him that its important to you and there's no reason he shouldn't take you, unless of course ur in 6th grade.

    • Nooo I'm only a year younger

What Girls Said 2

  • is he taking anyone else?

  • One of my guy friends didn't take his girlfriend to the prom. He took one of their mutual friends. I think that maybe you should talk to him calmly about it. Maybe he's viewing his senior prom as an opportunity to hang out with his friends throughout all of his years of schooling. But I completely understand your concern. It's always best to just talk. :)