My boyfriends differnt I feel like he's not the same guy that I went out with?

My boyfriend and i used to hangout 2 sometimes 3 times a week. we would text almost all day and talk on the phone at night he would call me every time he was on break. now we barley even talk actually we dont talk at all during the day anymore, we never hangout like we haven't hungout in almost 3 months and the last time we did his friends showed up. finally were hanging out and he said we were going to hangout at 11 i showed up a little late i was taking my mom to work and now were at his house and he's sitting here playing video games and i got here at 12 and he's leaving at 3 to hangout with his friends. he sees them every night and i can't even get a whole day or even a half of a day to myself with just him. when i ask him or try and talk he just gets irritated. he makes it seem like everything is my fault and i know its not. i also want to have sex but i dont want to make the first move and we haven't had sex in 3 months and he seems okay with it. i feel like im constantly begging him for his attention. and i know it sounds stupid but i want to be with him, and i have talked to him before and nothing changes and lately weve been arguing alot. i just need some advice no really a question here


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  • please space it out in future i don't really feel like reading that but i want to help you.

  • It seems like he may be losing feelings. I am very sorry to say that.. I honestly think the best thing to do now is to let him go and see how he reacts to it. If he gets hurt then that will show he still has feelings for you.


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