What's the dating scene like for atheists?

I'm a recent atheist and I'm having trouble finding a fellow atheist girl. Most girls I meet and end up dating eventually reveal that they love Jesus and want me to love Jesus.

What are the chances I'm going to meet a nice atheist girl in Texas?

If you're an atheist, does your lack of religion give you troubles in the dating world or not?

Any more opinions?


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  • Lol an atheist in Texas is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    But don't fret, there's plenty of us around. There are support groups you can join, even.

    • It's not that I even have a problem with dating a religious person. I have a problem with them trying to convert me, like why can't we let bigons be bigons and move on lol. But thanks for the opinion, I'll check for atheist support groups in Dallas.

    • Most religious people will try to convert you, it's almost inevitable. Sure, there are those who keep to themselves, but then you have to walk on egg shells quite often. God forbid a religious joke pops up, you might end up offending them. And if not them, their family and/or friends for sure.

      I think ideologies need to match for a relationship to be successful. At least for me.


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  • I've only had one person ever try to convert me.

    We're still friends, and it's become a joke now.

  • Are you in bible belt land? i have never run into atheism being an issue... Get out of the bible warren would be my suggestion.

    • What stare are you in? Cause I'm under the impression that most of the US is religious

    • I'm in new england. And while yes, there are religious people, there are also a lot of atheists. and the religious people keep their faith to themselves for the most part.

  • i have a hard time finding guys that go to chruch and believe in Jesus. Most guys i know say they believe in science or aren't exactly atheist but don't believe in Jesus.. so i guess we both struggle.

    • I could go to church if it made her happy but to become full devoted is another story.

  • Why don't try finding a girl at a club or bar, a lot of non religious people go there.

    • Same thing happens everytime. I meet a girl. We click. Then she reveals that she's religious. And I tell myself, maybe she can keep it to herself, but then she tries to drag me along with her. But ok I'll try clubs, you might be right about that.

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  • Well I've never had trouble in the dating world because of my atheism... granted, I'm not really attracted to the stereotypical religious girl. From my experiences, most Christian girls are pretty casual about the whole thing and as long as we respect each other's beliefs, there's never any issues. Maybe you should try looking for girls around college campuses since they tend to be more open-minded about that kind of thing.

  • I want to say. . . "unbelievable"

    • It's unbelievably complicated lol...

  • I am an atheist and yes it does make it harder. Being religious is one thing most women want even if they are total hypocrites and never go to church. I just fake being agnostic now. It seems to make it a little easier.