When your dating someone, how long should it be till you kiss?

Im in middle school and I've recently got a new boyfriend. he's already trying to get me to kiss him..:0 I've kissed a guy before, but im really nervous about it.. he won't stop trying to kiss me.. he gets really close to my face and put his cheek in front of my lips and says "give me some sugar" the only thing i do is turn bright red.. im really nervous about it and I've told him that but he doesn't care... well.. isn't it to early in a relationship to kiss yet?


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  • wow, 25-29 and in middle school... you were really held back.
    an adult would nowadays would be at least 2nd date... although it took me to the 3rd date with one woman as she seemed kinda timid so I held off.
    but at your age it is when you feel comfortable doing it.


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  • You're not boyfriend and girlfriend unless you've kissed. You're just platonic friends who can possibly turn into a relationship.

  • I feel the same way with lhe girl I like... everyone has insecurities, let him know, chat's chat I'm wainting of her. When you feel you want to, that will be the right time.

  • "I'm in middle school..." Profile 25 to 29.

    id say third date at the earliest.

    • I noticed that whole "I'm in middle school, but my profile says I'm 25-29" thing too. XD

      I'm always comfortable kissing on the first date myself and that's just it, you should do it when you're comfortable, not before. Don't feel pressured into it.

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  • Tell him you're feeling nervous about it! He's your boyfriend and you should be opened about things with him. I know it's easier said than done but it's the best option you've got. And I don't think it's too early to start kissing. I think that it's only early if it's your first date. From then on, kissing is encouraged!