Does she want me to make the first move?

I've been talking to this girl I like for a few weeks now though text and in school, and today she's been saying stuff like I need to find the perfect boy friend and she sent me a picture of some guy talking about his girlfriend and she said this would be the perfect guy for her. We are really good friends and she tells me a lot of stuff f she doesn't tell anyone else and she always tells me I'm the nicest kid she knows and I don't know if she's just being a really nice friend or trying to get me to make a move on her I don't know what to do you say. I really do like her but I really want to keep her as a friend.


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  • Sounds like you're in the "friend zone". But you need to tell her how you feel, she may be wanting more too.

    • I did when I first started talking to her a few months ago, but she had a boyfriend then and she never told me how she felt about me.


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  • Ask her out. Quit dilly dallying. We hate indecisive guy because we are indecisive ourselves.
    Yeah let us all know when you figure that out.


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  • You sound like in "friend zone" but in order to find out if it's going to be more than that, is for the both you two should hang out & try to make a slow move. (try holding her hand, kiss on the cheek & hug her for about 4 min)