When should man back out from pursuing girl?

So everybody tells man should back out if girl is not interested. Agreed 100%.

But isn't it also a responsible girl's responsibility to let the guy know nicely if he doesn't get it? Why is it so necessary to stick the label of being a nuisance to a guy who just genuinely thought girl is interested or choose to pursue his dream to have that girl?

How selfish is it to just make a guy responsible for everything? Why girls can't be just a decent human being and understand that's its also important to play their part to make it clear nicely to the guy, if nothing but just out of the respect to just another Human being?

I AM NIT TALKING ABOUT ASSWHOLES. I have seen that happened to many great guys so I would like to know girl's perspectives on this.



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  • If she isn't texting/calling you back, if she doesn't look at you with that look thst someone gives you when they like you, if she makes excuses as to why she wasn't responding to you or why she couldn't hang out that weekend, she isn't into you. If you still don't know, just come right out and tell her that you like her and see if she feels the same about you. If she says no, then leave it alone. If she makes some excuse like she isn't dating right now, that means no too. She's just trying to spare your feelings.


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  • It is very frustrating when he doesn't get the hint. I rarely get asked out, but a few months ago I had three guys who asked me out persistently at once. I gave them all very strong hints (short replies if any, made excuses when they offered plans, when I did I never hung out with them alone, never sat next to them, didn't touch them, moved away if they touched me) and NONE of them got it. Its soooooo frustrating

  • By just ignoring your messages and phone calls and declining your invitations, it's an obvious sign that a girl doesn't like you. It's always hard for us to turn guys down and I admit it's stupid but we just wanna be nice.

  • Absolutely agree with you. Those girls who don't give definite closure have problems.

  • I told someone today that I didn't like mind games and to give me a call me when he's willing to speak openly and maturely... is that responsible or too rude in your opinion?


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  • You're unaware of how much bullsh*t women put up with because of male harassment. Maybe the women you like are so "rude" because they've had to deal with a lot of jerks hounding for their attention. Did you ever stop to think about women's rights? Violence against women, sexual harassment, inequality at work, the right to an abortion. All the rape suffering cat calling and greasy creepy disgusting men out in the world, and you want a woman to tell YOU directly she isn't interested? Get a life man.

    • That's a rather odd thing to say to such a question. Bitter much? lol

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    • Yea, most normal men would like for a woman to be direct if she's into you or not. It's not that fucken difficult.

      You make it sound like all women have to live in fear on a daily basis & fight off all the evil men with a stick. Of course there a few dicks out there but it's not that bad. I think you are the one who needs to get a life.

    • Sir, do not say I need to get a life, I am here to know about something. If you want to help share YOUR OPINION and keep other BS to yourself.

      I ain't here to listen to the feminist. Your logic is so flawed that's not even worth correction but I will do a favour for you sir,

      Just because SOME (SOME) men are bad doesn't mean every men is the same. Every person should be treated accordingly. The worst thing girls do even after asking nicely, politely and respectfully that if she would like to go out and they just simply ignore. Its the worst treatment you can give it to somebody and it is inexcusable.

      If guys are so bad and create only horror for girls, why girls still go with them instead of becoming a lesbians?

  • It's easy for me.. when I feel she is not interested I back off. Almost 80% of the time she comes back to me. That's when I know if she is interested or not. No girl would message back a week or few weeks later if she didn't at least like me a little bit. So I find if you aren't sure there is 2 things you can do. Either move on and let her go and if she comes back to you then she probably is interested. Or just ask her and tell her to be straight up with you. Normally, I find women never can be straight up with a man especially when she isn't interested in him.