How do I stop being nervous to ask a girl out?

Everything just starts burning on the inside and then I end up not doing what should I so?


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  • well first im a player so listen if u want and no dont say im too young i got 30+ chicks wanting my dick right now first of all have this mind set "all these girls want me. but i dont want them" second be a confident guy thats 99% of what gets a girl wet all u need to know is that if u are confident u will succeed and dont have to much space when talking to a girl a good video for u to watch is the free project go video by simplepickup on YouTube the worst that happens is she says no... and if it does happen fuck her go for someone who likes u if a rejection happens walk away like u never talked to her head held high and dont gaf goodluck player ;)


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  • Practice makes perfect. The first time is the worst and second time is also not always good. But then from there it becomes better so just keep that in mind. What pushes me usually is realizing that this is my one shot. If I don't take it, then it might mean that I'll lose out on that person and I'd rather just do it then have regrets and wonder "what if" 5 years or 10 years from now. So if you need inspiration just remember that. The worst scenario is that they can say "no" and in that case you TRIED and that's all that matters for real. It's not your loss anymore. It's theirs. You made your move and your a winner for that as it is regardless whether she said yes or no.

  • Nike: Just do it.


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