Do you think he likes me?

So this is related to my last post. I have finished with my boyfriend and am now planning to meet up with a boy who is a year older than me. I am meeting him in a public place so it's all good before you all comment. The think is, does he like me? He always seems to busy to reply etc but when he does reply he is really nice. He first messaged me saying I was really pretty and we have been talking since and he wants to kiss me when we meet up so does that mean he likes me? He replies not that often and I think he's telling the truth when he says he's busy but other times you can see he was active in the site I sent a message but he hasn't read the message so he obviously ignored them! He is really nice to me and he is trying to make sure we meet up but he's told me after his last girlfriend he's had troubles but does that mean I should avoid him as he's just after the bedroom department or do you think he likes me for me?


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  • That's not enough info but I guess he does. Ignoring thing is very common nowadays, guys and girls trying to say that they have an amazing life and are always busy and that's why they can't reply texts... Anyways wait and see who knows.

  • He likes you! But at this stage he probably just wants to sleep with you.


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