Where are some good places to meet girls? Where did you meet your current partner?

I work at a call center with some 100+ employees I talk to some of the girls there but can't really say i'm attracted to them. Where's a good place too meet some girls. I'm 20 so bars and clubs wouldn't work. What are some good places to meet people in general? I'm going to school in the spring. Which I will be fine with meeting people then but, in the mean time I would like to go out somewhere. One more thing I would Like to ask how long was the social interaction when you first met your partner?


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  • Maybe try ball room dance or cooking classes. I can see a lot of women going to these, but not having as many men.


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  • Love could happen at any time. If it isn't happening, don't try harder. Just keep doing what you are doing, be nicer to the girls you meet. If you believe in something long enough, it will surely come true. Its happened to me. I was a workaholic spending almost 12 to 14 hours a day in office, so you'd think I had no chance.. but guess what? The love of my life walked right into my life... I was working in a night shift then :P


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  • hmmmm hang around a college maybe?