My friend slapped his girl... will she come back now?

Hey guys
This question is for my friend. He accidently slapped his girlfriend at a mall.. N they both broke up n went their separate ways. The guy realized his mistake of slappng her and is now willing to change... he says he s a better person now and will never treat any girl like that ever again. He feels regret and has tried to change himself. Now will the girl come back? Or how can he prove to her thathe changed? How can he win her back? She won't respond to his calls/emails/msgs. He even sent her flowers which she sent back. Is she trying to move on with her life or does my friend still hav a chance?


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  • He's not the first abuser to try to woo a girl with flowers. If he really thinks he's going to change that's awesome and I wish him the best of look.

    But the girl he slapped? That shit is over and he needs to leave her alone. Let this be a harsh lesson to him for the next girl he gets with.


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  • if you are a good friend you would never let her go back! "I'll change" is what every abusive boyfriend says! it's BULLSHIT!! The only thing that will change is where he hits her. of course he won't make the mistake of hitting her in public again, or right on the face. Next time he might punch her in the stomach, or grab her wrist and leave bruises! After being in a relationship like that I NEVER support anyone to go back to a significant other who touches them like that... guy or girl!

  • Hopefully she won't get back together with him.

  • She's moving on, and she would be stupid to go back.