Friends with benefits with my ex... Should we get back together?

We'd been together for 2 years and broke up (for the third or fourth time...) about 2 months ago. I asked if he wanted to have "no strings attached sex" and we've been doing that ever since. Nothing has changed between us, and we act just like we did when we were dating except without the title.

We visit each other often and talk every day (we're long distance at school.) And, we're okay with each other meeting new people... but if we're interested in someone we have to calmly break it off with each other. I've been going out, not actively looking but people have talked to me, but he hasn't been doing anything like that. Now he's saying he wants more security from me and this thing we've got going on.

Should we get back together? We most certainly have our issues that need to be worked through, but he feels like home to me. The thought of him with another girl is awful. We were once in love, and I know how good of a person he really can be.

Is it a good idea to get back together? Or should I just let him/the false relationship go?

By the way, I have brought up the idea of getting back together. I've asked him if he wants to take a step towards being back together, or if he wants to just keep doing what we're doing and all he says is he doesn't know. So frustrating!


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  • You should reach a decision of what you want, and then tell him to shit or get off the pot.


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  • Don't do it...

  • The fact that your questioning to get back together or not and putting it out there seems like you've been thinking about it. I don't know your real intentions and i guess you can say im assuming - but if your thinking about it like that there's a chance that deep down you want him for yourself, and if thats what makes you happy, go for it. the problem is would he commit the way you want him to?

  • One may think fuck buddies is great, but when one of meets someone and the other doesn't somebody ends up going home alone. I'm sure if the tables are turned your reaction might be similar.


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  • Are you going to think "what if" if you let it go before trying again?

    Yes: Then try it again.
    No: Then let it go.