He compliments other girls?

So this guy I'm dating keeps complimenting other gils... he keeps saying this girl is hot or that girl is perfect. Or when we go out he is like all these girls are just waiting to see me without a girl so they could come and talk to me... I dont know why he does this... It bothers me, I tried to show that I dont like this but I feel like he didn't get the point or he does not care. Also, he keeps saying he likes skinny girls. I'm not skinny (I'm not fat either). It makes me feel so insecure... :(
He does call me beautiful and sexy often too. I just dont know. Am I overthinking? Thanks


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  • no you're not overthinking, he's being a douchebag by being completly inconsiderate of how you feel next to him. You should flat out tell him it's not ok... matter of fact.. you should ditch him... what woman wants a guy that makes them feel like shit all the time? Who ? seriously? wht girl is fine with it. Making a comment from time to time on something obvious together is ok. My girl and i were both checking out some Asian chick who had a nice ass.. but I made sure to tell my girl that I love her butt too. There's a way to go about things... from what you described, he's inconsiderate


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  • I'm sorry to say this, but he's a dick. How are you gonna say all those things in front of your gf? It's ok to say a girl is pretty, but to say they're hot, perfect, or that he likes skinny when you're not, is kind of a dickish thing to say.
    In my opinion he's devaluating you, what he's doing is a lack of respect towards you.

    You should talk bluntly to him, tell him that you don't like what he's doing, that if he doesn't like you for what you are, then he can leave and find that "perfect" girl.
    If he doesn't change I personally don't see any future in that relationship.


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  • No, he's being disrespectful. Extremely disrespectful. How would he feel if you kept talking about other dudes, and commenting about how you love big muscles and huge penises around him? He'd feel awful, and probably break up with you eventually. He's doing it because it gets a rise out of you, but it says a lot about him as a guy. I don't think he's mature enough for a relationship at this point.