Will you be my boyfriend?

OK I've been seeing this guy for a while and enough uncertainty. None of those "are we exclusive?" or "what we are?", I AM going to come to him and ask "Will you be my boyfriend?" Simple, not complicated to comprehend, no beating around the bush. Will this freak him out? He did drop a lot of heavy hints so yeah. Should I do it? Does that too flattered and scare him?


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  • I like it. I can't tell you what he'll think, but I definitely like it. You're just directly asking him. Cool.


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  • This is solely my point of view, but I would only have two reactions to that:
    1) "I thought I already was... So yes"
    2) *Chuckles loudly outside while actually being very confused inside* "Of course."

    I know you don't want to beat around the bush, so don't, just say it like a rhetorical question, "We're exclusive now right?"

  • I would laugh and hope your next line is a punch line but on the inside i would be freaking out. Ask if he wants to hang out or something. Starting of with that would be better.

    • We are seeing each other, hanging out, and getting really intimate for a few months already. It's not like I'm asking him out of the blue! Is it ok now to ask that?

    • Oh well then yeah, with this info i am wondering why haven't you yet. But i wouldn't say it that way its just as effective by saying when hanging out "hey so in so are we a couple." He'll respond with an appropriate answer, and then boom you now are either an open official couple or not. That way you can get back to doing what you are apparently already doing as a couple.

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