I'm 19 but only like older women. I have a hard time finding older girls who are looking for young dudes like me bc of age and can't get into bars?

I'm almost 20, 5'10 and a handsome devil in great shape. I'm in college but the girls are immature and don't do it for me. I've realized I'm strictly interested in older women (hooking up, not dating yet) but have a hard time meeting them because I'm only 19 and can't get into bars. I've been with girls 4 years older than me but of course I'd like them even older. Also, I live close to NYC, I'm there all the time so it's a good place to meet people. Where do I find these wonderful older beauties? Also, ladies... do you like younger men around my age?
All feedback is appreciated.

Much love to all the ladies.


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  • Look on Craigslist. There are a lot of older women on there that seem to have a thing for younger guys.


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  • maybe try a Cougar site or something

  • I'm 29, I'm only looking for a serious relationship, & if a guy your age was seriously looking for the same, I'd give him a chance.


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  • Go to Canada for the weekend. You're legal here. And we're famed for our cougars.

    • Funny you say that because I've been planning a trip to Montreal, I'll be going soon. Thanks for the advice

    • And MontrĂ©al is like our Amsterdam, in that regard. Play safe!