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There are these two guys named Zach. One is really handsome, and we have the same type of personality and we flirt all the time, and I really like this smile, and we have a little in common and fun to be around, though, he's a little off putting. The other is kinda average, has a decent body, and I know he likes comic books like me but I think I might feel a little bit of a connection with him, even though I just met him today, but his personality bothers me a little. I'm not even sure if it's a connection because I've never really had one I don't think. I'm really not sure. So, should I go after one than the other, or not even try because there might not be enough there? I don't know either of them well enough, so "shrugs" any suggestions?


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  • Well, I wouldn't say "don't even try" because there seems to be nothing wrong with either guy, you seem to be intrigued, and you can't do any harm by getting to know either one, right? So, at least try!

    Zach #1 seems to be more attractive to you, and you seem to have a longer, more established relationship. So why is he off-putting? What is your hesitation? I guess if its something serious (like, he's a jerk sometimes) then I'd say don't bother.

    Zach #2 you just met, he already bothers you a little, and the basis for your relationship seems to be comic books.

    So unless Zach #1 has something concrete pushing you away, go after him. At least figure out what's off-putting about this handsome, compatible, flirtatious, smiling, fun guy. But he seems to have the leg up here.


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  • Are you dating anybody exclusive?

    If not, why not date both of them and see which one appeals to you more. Dates do not have to be formal or lead to anything on a higher plane. It is simply the process of getting to know someone.

  • Blah - start "talking" more with both of them - but don't date either yet, make up your mind then pick who makes you feel the best to start dating



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  • It sounds like you're unsure about both. I recommend not giving yourself an ultimatum and just go with what feels right. You don't HAVE to pick one or the other. You don't have to pick either one. I say just be friends with them both and see how long these feelings continue or if they turn into anything. I would wait until that one comes along that you have no doubts about that completely sweeps you off your feet. You'll know when you have a connection. Good luck with your decision hun!