Is it weird for a guy to ask you to be his gf before you even go on a first date?

So I've known him for about 5 months. (We have a couple of classes together) When we first met he didn't barley acknowledge me so I assumed he didn't like me. Finally about 2 months later he finally asked why we never talked. After that things started heating up. Then I left for a two week study abroad. When I got home he was super distant and I was pretty convinced he was over me and into this other girl. Slowly he got less distant and started acting more like he had been before I left. But still not a lot of flirting. So I was really surprised because on Friday he asked me if I would be his gf. I said yes but he asked like 4 times like he couldn't believe it. And he was trying to get me to say it in front of his buddy who apparently he was competing with for me. Funny thing is we haven't even been on a first date or had any contact outside of school... which seems weird to me to be bf/gf when we barely know each other... I'm pretty inexperienced at this but still for some reason it bothers me... thoughts? Is this normal? Is he just playing with me?


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  • I wouldn't say its weird but its definitely out of the ordinary lol


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  • It is a little different, not that weird though... He has known you for a while. Maybe you should tell him you want to go on a few dates first before making that decision though. Seems a little premature to go that far.

    • Yeah... cuz like he asked if we were in love and I said I didn't know because I didn't feel like I really knew him. "Then he was like what? I've know you for like 6 months!" Might be true but I feel like we don't really know each other-atleast not on a personal level you know?

  • no its not it just means that he likes you a lot dont take it the wrong way


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