Why is he testing me?

If this guy really likes me why does he test me to see if I am one he wants to date?


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  • Some people are indecisive in their nature. Especially when it comes to relationships.

    • Providing this is the case do you think that him not contacting for a few days ever once in a while is normal?

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    • Right. It gets upsetting too. I get very emotional when one day he was texting me and 2 days later still no hear from him. There could be numerous reasons for it and we are not on bad terms or anything so I'm sure he will get back to me. Gotta back off though. I spent a whole day sending a few texts with no response which I think is fine but definitely no more. He could be testing to see if I get attached. The thing I worry about the most though is he is getting cold feet.

    • I advise not to attach yourself and have high hopes on him, but at the same time you shouldn't let go entirely.. just keep this find thread until you know what he wants and what he's thinking..

      Also, it may not necessarily be about.. like some guys are just not into texting.. and are not that emotional to keep this warm contact.. especially if they lead a busy life


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  • I am unsure what you mean by 'testing' you, that is a little vague and would have pretty big ramifications on the answer.

    In general though, if a guy likes you, he wouldn't be 'testing' you. That sounds more like a manipulation move than a concern for your feelings move. But I would need more specifics to talk about it in more than just a general sense.

  • Well, you haven't given us anything to go on, so it's kind of impossible to say. You could have said or done something horribly offensive or alarming, or he could be a nut job, or you both could be bonkers. Anything more detail you can give?

  • because he might be Portal 2 overdoe, did he give you a portal gun?

  • because he is seeing if you are the one to be married.

    • I asked about dating not marriage. I'm confused how you came up with that.

    • datings ultimate goal is marriage if he is testing you he seeing if you may be the one as a partner for life. its just a guess though

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