Should I stay with him? Please help?

I've been in an LDR with my boyfriend for a month now and he's really busy with school. He goes to a really tough school, and has a tough major. He barely texts me :/ or talks to me but says he still wants to be with me. Should I be patient, wait it out, and give him a chance?


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  • It firstly depends on how long you were with him before the long distance relationship, but if it was 6 months or less before the distance separation then I would say it is best to move on because he won't have time for you unless you are there with him, if it was 6 months - 2 years you have to then consider how much you truly care for this person and whether you think he is the one, If it was 2 years+ then no question definitely wait it out. However when it comes down to it it's your choice on whether or not you think this guy is the one if yes wait if not let him go.


What Girls Said 1

  • nah, i'd never date a guy that;s busy 24/7. he has different priorities and i'd be upset all the time