Is it bad that I like my best friends ex?

I liked him before they got together and we have been really good friends always super close... We hooked up one night when we were drunk kept it a secret... Im still really into him... We were together last night and it was just like it had always been... He makes me happy but at the same time I feel like a bad person for doing this to a friend... They've been broken up for 2 years... But to this day she doesn't even know that I liked him to begin with. But what would girl code say... Boys girls please give me some insight!

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  • this is one of those unfortunate situations where you suffer either way... cause if you respect your friend (which i recommend- the course of your friendship will probably last longer than the relationship), then you're missing out on the guy. if you hang out with the guy, no doubt there are gonna be complications between you and your friend. even if she learns to accept it and gives you "the go ahead", there are gonna be things that will be a little difficult between you and your friend. any details you might want to share, you can't, even if she says its ok, because its inevitable that she will compare your relationship with him to the one that she had with him, and there will be tiffs. hope you work this out, good luck!


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  • Their relationship ended 2 years ago? If it was on bad terms than maybe it's something to discuss with them. However if it was just a mutual "we just don't work together" kind of thing then it shouldn't be a big deal. The whole girl / guy code thing is a fucking joke, you can't help who you like. I straight up told my friend, if him and his gf didn't work out I was going to ask her out, we're still great friends.

  • Its is better than liking her current bf. But she's gonna think u were the bytch responsible for their break up so that u could hook up with him now.


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  • Yes that's bad. Your friend comes first