Do you think he is a player?

So this guy I met is super nice. He helped me with my homework the night I met him and helped fix my computer and take it to the store before both our classes. He texts me first and even wished me good luck before a big exam and texted me afterwards to ask how it went. We're getting dinner together tomorrow. However, I found his Twitter and he retweets weird stuff like pictures of weed and tweets about sex. I really can't get a read on it. I do know that he likes to party on the weekends and I do not, which I already told him and he understands. Do you think he is playing me?


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  • I don't think he's playing you, nor that he's a player. Maybe he just has a different side which Is going out and drinking and partying. He seems nice because he's taking the time to text you and help you, get to know him more to see the type of guy he really is.


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  • I dont know if he's playing you but he sounds like one of these guys that will have sex any chance he gets and maybe with any girl as well watch yourself.


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