He won't let me pay for anything , why? And what can I do?

I've started dating a very nice guy recently. The only problem is he won't let me pay for anything ( I know I sound like a drama queen). It's just I'm on a higher wage then him although he works more. I feel really bad about it and would prefer if I could pay my equal share. I'm not sure what to do about it. Because when I bring it up he won't budge.


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  • Let him pay for the dates, then you surprise him with a nice gift. But @iron_man has a real good point too. If you're not ready for sex, don't let this make you feel obligated, because you're not. He's choosing to wine and dine you and you've tried to make it fair and even.


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  • He wants to feel like a gentleman, I was like that too when I first started dating with my girlfriend (now ex). My ex solved it by just saying: "NO I'm paying this time or else I'm going to be mad" haha. It worked for me, one time I payed, the next time she payed.

  • Be very careful he may want you to pay him back in the bed room

    • I never thought of that , even nice guys?

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    • Exactly! And yes, even "nice guys". Most "nice guys" are total freaks in the bedroom.

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