Dating a guy two years younger, is it weird? I didn't know his age before?

I'm 18 and he's 16. We met and he looked older. We'd met up 3 or 4 times before I found out his age and I really like him. However, most people I know seem to think it's weird, not just the two year gap but the girl being the older one.

What's your personal honest thoughts?


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  • When I was in high school, and we were in the 10th grade, there was this girl (we'll call her Magda). Madga was a Britney Spears kind of hot, back when Britney was hot (like around the time her Baby One More Time video had just come out). She would totally rock the private high school school-girl uniform, roll up her skirt a few inches up, wore black 4-6 inch closed-toe Marry Janes, took the time to do her make-up, and walked into each class with the confidence of a c0cktease who knew 80% of the guys in each class wanted to fcuk her. She wasn't even a tease either, because she enjoyed getting fcuked. She wasn't thin, but wasn't a "fat" kind of chubby either. . . she just had the perfect amount of girly parts to grab in all the right places.

    She was "the" epic fcuk in high school. Even if you banged her just once, and then you would go to some other girl, you would want to come back to her... she really was "that good."

    So, you can imagine every 10th grade guy's eyes and facial expression when they found out she was seriously dating "Rick" a 9th grader! We teased, we made fun of both of them, we called her a "pedofile," a "cradle robber," you name it. The only reason we teased, though, was because we all wanted to fcuk her, and she just took herself out of the 10th grader p*ssy market thanks to think 9th grader Rick.

    2 years later, and they were still together. Every 6 months Magda would just get hotter, and Rick would still look like a 14 year old cleaned-up version of Justin Bieber. But even at the 12th grade, it was still a bit awkward seeing her with an 11th grader.

    I mean, I could understand if Rick looked like a beast, like a football linebacker that would destroy her in bed, but this guy looked like he was gently caressing her skin with a rose petals or a white fluffy feather.

    To nobody's surprise, Rick & Magda broke up during senior year, when Rick cheated on her with a 10th grader - oh the irony.


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  • I thought it was gonna be like 21 and 19. but he's still a minor? well okay it sounds bad but in reality it could be totally normal and fine. I don't think its weird, you two are only dating.

  • I think it's fine... as long as you're both in the same school.

  • I dnt think age difference matters if u like him.. u being da oldest doesn't matter.. Just be loyal


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