What do I do when she won't respond to texts?

I met this girl and we talked and met up a few times, we got along great and flirted a bit. However my flatmate said something to a friend of hers saying that I said she didn't like him. She asked me about it and I said I was sorry, and she said I was forgiven but I asked her to meet up and she declined and now a week later she won't even respond to my texts asking what her friend said to her. Because I am sure it was more than she's letting on. What do I do, i don't think I can call her and she probably wouldn't answer the phone?

  • Wait until I run into her
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  • Call her
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  • Send her another text
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  • Forget about her
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  • Call her, leave a VM explaining the situation, apologizing (if warranted), and asking to meet up. Don't leave a long message. Keep it to 1min max.

    After that, drop it. Let her contact you if she ever wants to again.

    • How would I explain it in a minute and won't she think it's creepy that I have texted her a couple of times and she hasn't responded and then called?

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    • I have left her a message saying essentially what you said, now got to wait for the response, thanks for the advice

    • Great, you did your part. Now live your life and if she's girlfriend or even friend material, she'll get back to you. If she's doesn't, then really accept that this was not the right person for you and move on.

      Best of luck!!


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  • Your young there's plenty of other girls out there for you


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  • just stop while you're ahead and focus on more important matters. take your attention off her if she isn't giving you any in return. she hasn't given you a reason to be loyal to her yet.

    • The problem is that I really like this girl and I don't know what her friend (who doesn't like me has said), I don't know how to find out without asking her in person, as she won't respond to texts.

    • if you like her then tell her either in person or over the phone your thoughts and then leave it at that, get your side of the story in and then worry about yourself from then on. there's no much you can really do in this case.

  • I would agree with leaving a voice mail then just leaving it be. Give her time to reflect on it and you can also focus on your happiness outside of this. I don't think what you did is a huge deal but I also know nothing about the type of person she is. Some people have zero tolerance for that type stuff.

    • Won't she think it's creepy that I have texted her a couple of times and she hasn't responded and then called?

    • I wouldn't worry about that. Just be yourself and give it one last shot. Then you can at least say you tried your best instead of just wondering and not doing anything. But DON'T contact her past that. Keep your head up man. We don't think like women so it's hard to say what exactly she is thinking.

  • Stop texting her if she wants to talk to you she will.

  • Ditch the bitch - she ain't interested mate.

  • yeah im with the call her choice

  • Bitches are like batteries. Very easy to replace!