How to tell if a shy guy likes you?

Just want to know how to tell!! List like a bunch of things if possible please lol


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  • Generally if a shy guy likes you, you may never know.
    Try to gauge the way he acts around you compared to how he interacts with other girls. If he seems nervous around you this can be a good sign, if you catch him starring at you.

    • I can't him staring a lot, he get super nervous , and can talk to basically any girl without a problem except me!!

  • Looks at you a lot.
    Seems quieter when talking to you than others

  • Don't need an entire list. Just one thing, eye contact.


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  • Well if he talks to you just fine on the computer but freezes up in real life, if he blushes during a conversation or with you just being around, his friends make funny faces when you two are near each other or if he whispers to them a lot with you around. That is what I got for you.

    • Lol he does all that and his friends do that ALOT. even when he isn't around. even our teacher gossips to other teachers about what he does. so yah lol but I don't talk to him online, he doesn't have any social media since he's so busy with sports.