What do guys expect from a girl?

Guys I date say I'm too nice. Too easy. Too available. Don't play the game. Don't give enough chase for them.

I thought if you like someone there should be no game. What am I doing wrong then?


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  • could be a case of why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? its hard to resist temptations after being single for so long but people shouldn't rush into things. get to really know the person. i think it takes at least a year to really get to know somebody. then again you can go your whole life thinking you know somebody then they do something that makes you think that you never knew them in the first place. i guess thats why they say love is a battle field and all is fair in love and war.

    -marriage is grand but divorce is 10 grand


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  • Being "nice" like that only works with people who are just as "nice" as you are. Obviously, the guys you are dating/attracted to are a little more self-centered and goal-oriented, and know that they could take advantage of you way too easily.

    Either change the way you act or change the type of guy you date, because the way you behave and think now isn't compatible with the kinds of guys you are dating (or, most guys, for that matter).

    Realize that many guys are the way they are because other women have done nothing but play games with them, so that's what they've been trained to expect. And some are just selfish, etc.

    • Thank you. I get what you mean. Very insightful.

  • Some guys just like the chase but they are usually young and immature. If you meet a guy who likes the chase, then you will have to keep him guessing for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if he chased you for a couple months to years. You will have to play the "game" even when you are married. That's going to be tiring don't you think? Stay far away from them as possible because if he is the type to chase, then 9/10 times, he will be looking for something new to chase down the road. There are guys who appreciate nice girls, they are usually the intellectual type. The only thing wrong you're doing is playing the game.

    • Thank you Maybe I am trying to play the game lol and failing at it lol.

    • No worries. We've all been through it before. Live your life. :)

    • Thanks again just got to be me again ;-)

  • i expect nothing LOL

  • If they are older guys they are usually in it for the chase, guys my age and a bit older maybe would prefer to make things clear and easy.


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