Is this girl interested in me?

So I met this girl in the beginning of school but we didn't talk much but on Monday she started talking to me about her relationships since I brought up this one dude who was very clingy and possessive towards her the problem was she doesn't like him yet he always grabs her and holds her and its a little silly to say the least. I asked her why she let's them do this and she said she is used to it and 1 hour later we talked a various amount of topics on relationships and she told me after that Im very honest, polite and very well mannered which she said is what she likes in a guy after she said that she asked me to walk her to the bus and yea that was monday, today I hung in her group and that kid who was very possessive of her was having a "mini tantrum" becuz I talked to her yesterday so I was a little weirded out but anyways I was talking to my friends and I saw her star in at me and I smiled at her and she looked away and pretended I didn't see her and when I said hi to her she hugged me and showed me her drawings which were nice. Anyways does this girl like me? sry if this is long

Well thanks anyway


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  • With the whole possessive guy thing and him always s holding and grabbing her. I can understand why she would be okay with him holding her and stuff because all girls like the feeling of being held or just contact in general (thats why were always hugging each other) so although it seems weird she just might like the contact, but that should not put you off making a move :) maybe ask her to the movies to something and if you have that chemistry were you can just talk about random things for a a long time with out it being awkward I think she find that alluring


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  • It sounds like it! Just keep talking to her and let things flow. Don't push for any thing, it will happen on its own.

    • thanks by the way awesome username... you know... they say the Mothman is by every historical tragedy

  • It seems like she likes you. She definitely doesn't like that possessive guy so dont worry about him. Just keep doing what you're doing and let things take their natural course. Get her number and text her.