Is the guy I'm dating gay?

I've been dating the same guy for three and a half months now. We've kissed and held hands but that's it. At first, I didn't think he was gay but now I'm starting to consider it. On our last date, he told me that he participated in a gay pride parade and often makes comments about how he participated in a guy pageant for charity. And how he had to wear high heels and dresses. I thought he was only joking by repeating the story but now I'm starting to wonder. He claims he is straight but I just don't know...

A side note... his parents are conservative republicans and I don't believe they would like it if he were gay.


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  • Try seducing him and see what happens.
    If he makes u stick ur fingers in he might be gay lol :p
    No but really try seducing him


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  • Not enough information.

    Just because he goes to a gay pride parade, could just mean he believes in equality whatever the "circumstances." As for the wearing of the heels, did he say he likes wearing them? Could be a weird fetish or something. Just lip lock him while in private when he's least expecting it (some don't do PDA so he could say "not now" which would lead to more confusion).

  • Maybe he's joking and has an odd sense of humor. That seems a little strange though. What was your reaction?

    • The first time I thought it was funny because I thought he was nervous. Now he keeps repeating it on every date we've ever been on about how that one time he wore heels and dressed up in a pageant.

    • Maybe he's hoping you will laugh. That or he 's messing with you

  • Sounds a little fruity, but I guess you have to ask yourself, does he seem into you, try to touch you, get passionate etc.

    • Will do! Thanks for the help!

  • Gay tendencies don't make you gay.

  • if you are DATING HIM and agreed to BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU what do you think?

    • I'm dating him but he hasn't agreed to be in a relationship with me yet even though he knows my feelings for him.

    • o nevermind

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