Why are most good women culled. The rest are throw backs?

Most single or divorced women that exist on the open market are not capable of having a relationship. Most women that are available are extremely dysfunctional with the inability of not being able to sustain a relationship. I definitely stay away from divorced women more so divorced women with children. Relationships today are very disappointing because it it is what's in it for me. this includes both men and women. Also there are many men that are dysfunctional some extremely dysfunctional and have the inability as well of not being able to maintain a relationship. This only adds to the confusion of trying to find a lifetime companion for the appropriate reasons. Not just looking at their boobs and butt but instead of looking for one who is intellectual and having the ability to maintain a healthy and intellectual relationship for life. You know more intellectual stimulation instead off being narrow sighted and focusing on the physical aspect of the relationship. I wonder why society today so construed. Oh well!


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  • So true. Good luck, it will happen one day! Don't become disheartened all of the games and dysfunction of others out there.

  • Well said. You will find that person, good luck <3


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