Can never trust a guy?

I have trouble trusting any guys, I always feel like they are just putting on a nice act to get sex. In the least stuck up way possible i am attractive and am always told this, so its hard to not think that guys are solely interested in me for my looks. I have also liked assholes in the past who only wanted me for sex and been heartbroken. How can i get past this or when do i know if i guy only wants me for sex or is actually interested in me?


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  • To be honest, you won't be able to get past your trust issues until you're forced to trust someone. Until a man comes along and he is everything you've ever dreamed. The man that shows you new things and shows you a real commitment. That's when youl'll get over it. I can tell you how to weed out the guys that have no good intentions though. Most men won't tell you what you don't ask, and won't feel that he is at fault for what you don't know. You have to get a man's head and ask the right questions about his views on relationships, family, fatherhood, future, etc. You know what you want to know... you just don't ask it, or not in the right way. In the beginning you should be thinking of all the things you want to know about this man. Everything you want out of this man. Ask everything, and if he shuns away from certain things or you the notion he isn't being truthful then do whatever you feel from there. Most women don't know the guys they embark on, only that he's nice and makes them feel comfortable, but so does a comforter. Does it make it the best quality?


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  • I also had trouble trusting guys, but honestly if a guy shows an interest in you, and I mean a genuine interest, he'll stick around. if he is just in it for sex, he'll lose interest in you quickly and not bother with you. there are really great guys out there, its unfortunate that they all get this douche bag rep cos of a few assholes.

  • If you really like/love the guy you don't have a choice but to take risk. Trust is earned not just given freely. He should prove himself that he is trustworthy. Not all guys goal is sex.