Should I be mad at my gf for this?

Some guy commented on my gf's instagram pics that he missed her & she commented that she missed talking to him too? Wtf i was mad & it's obvious we go out she has my name on her bio & everyone knows so he shouldve respected too. how do i go about this?


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  • If he knows she is taken and she has stated she is, he is In Instagram making Con Comments to most likely horn in on her. With this and if not nipped in the bud, the Beguine will Begin with even more mush and gush down the road... It's just the spark to a start.
    Yes, she was in the wrong to have even replied with her own not so Hit and Miss moment. She is leading him on and although she is supposed to be telling everyone on here, including every Tom, Dick and Harry with her 'Bio,' they are obviously Bi passing it And----She is forgetting It and You, for this is heading down a beaten path and War of the Roses for sure.
    You need to save the day in your own way, sweetie. Sit her down and have a long serious chat with her. If you stand for this today, tomorrow you will be stooping for whatever poop he and she and who ever else decide to throw your way.
    Being online like this, she is open bait that could easily end up to be road kill for you in the end. And if she cares enough about you, she will see to it that she handles this with Him in a manner where he Gets her helpful hints To----Hit the road, Jack.
    And ifshe hymns and haws that you're being silly, paranoid and blah, blah, then You 'Hit' the door and tell her when she has come to her senses and stops treating you like the mat in front of it, you'll be back.
    Yes, it's disrespectful to you, it's a slap in your face And-----Disrespectful to boot.
    Try that on her and see if the shoe wouldn't fit Tightly on the other foot.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you! Finally someone gets my pov

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    • Alright thanks a lot :) i'll have a talk with her in the morning.

    • Yes, stand your ground. It looks light and semi sweet there, but believe me, there's more in store if given more reins.. xx


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  • I think you are too possessive of her. That guy could be her friend, cousin or other family. You dont to fight over such a small thing. She is proud of her relationship with you, that she put it on her bio. That shows how much she loves you. Give her some space.. everyone knows she is taken. Dont worry

    • Im not possesive at all, when any girl comments on my stuff she automatically comments for them to "scram" or "gtfo" and stuff like that. I get mad cause she barley even knows the guy they talked back and fourth only a couple times so how can she miss that? He always compliments her and stuff with hearts not respecting the fact im with her

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    • Well i dont mind her going with guy friends she's had her close friends too and i never said anything about it but just this guy in particular gives me a bad feeling

    • Thanks for the advice!

  • No. You have no reason to be mad.

  • haha you're the male version of me. i'd be pissed off no matter what as well. its importent tho to find out who he is. i think your girlfriend is just being nice. she wouldn't be as stupid to actually reply this in public if its an ex lover or something

    • I dont even get mad or jelous but this guy really got me mad & she NEVER comments back on anyones comments but this time she did so im like ok? I know its not an ex but he gets over friendly with his heart comments.

  • a lot of girls are just friendly to everyone and try maintain a good relationship with everyone. you can't really get mad at that...
    also she's possessive.. again, like a lot of girls.

    • I hope that's what it is, thanks.

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    • good luck :) i hope it all goes well.

    • Thanks 😊 goodnight!

  • why? so what if she miss him and he miss her , she could've dated him but she choose you from the beginning over him and everyone so she loves you but she just miss him so what? and if he always compliments her then talk to him not her she didn't ask him too

    • So what? Really? Lmao thanks anyway & yeah i did contact him, hasn't replied.

    • correction i said why* not so what :) your welcome anyway

    • Ohh ok then now it sounds better lmaoo,

  • Is he an ex, or just a friend she hasn't spoken to/hung out with in a while? Just ask her about it casually. I think you may be over-reacting.

    • No he's not an ex, im not over reacting because they werent close or anything & ge comments hearts amd shit on her pics so i know its not a friendship thing he's goimg for. I told her i dont like him commenting stuff and to let him know but i doubt she told him.

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    • So, from what you said on that other answer, when girls comment on your page, she tells them to back off? Maybe you should do the same with this guy.

    • Yeah i just did that

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  • it'd be stupid to be mad for such a reason LOL

    • It's actually not stupid. You'd be perfectly fine with your girl missing someone else?

    • i'd not give a damn because i'm not into dating LOL so yeah i'd be fine a girl isn't my property :P

    • Then obviously your answer wasn't needed but thanks.

  • Not if they are close friends, but if he is just a guy she met in a bar a month ago it's a whole different story. Do you know more about the guy?

    • Nah they werent even close friends thats what pisses me off.