Help me please big problem?

We had a program at my school witch somebody is selling DVDs that they video taped so to the problem im not aloud to date until I'm 16 im 15 and my crush had his arm around my waist and you can clearly tell and the bad part my dad bought a DVD and if he sees it he will blow his top what shold I do


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  • Maybe you will get lucky, sweetie, and like my dad, never be that observant... And if he notices and you happen to Notice a bit of smoke coming out of his nostrils, tell him to relax, it is nothing, please, dad, we are just friends, not hooked at the hip... just part of the video, was having some fun..
    Good luck. xx


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  • You tell your dad you didn't know it was there till after the picture c: hope it works if not trip over something anything and break the DVD player or even the DVD. Or when he isn't home just hide the DVD really good and tell him you don't know where it is.

  • Are you actually dating him, or is he just a friend?

    • Just really good friends

    • Then if your dad asks about it tell him that you and him are just friends. If your father never brings it up then you have nothing to worry about

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