I want to make my guy feel/think he is sexy.. what can I do or say to make him feel like he has all the attention?

So guys as mentioned above help me out.. i want him to be like no one has ever made me feel this loved before


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  • I don't really think there's much you can do to make a guy feel like he's sexy other than to serve him sexually. Compliments are nice, but they don't make me feel more attractive (from a guy's standpoint), what does make me feel more attractive if the way a girl looks at me, or touches me.

    Not really words, just actions


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  • If you are away from each other send him little messages about how you can't wait to see him or get your hands on him, when you see him look at him like he's the biggest unwrapped present you've ever seen! Kiss him gently and intimately, whisper to him how much he turns you on, all the things you want to do together (sexually obviously, I'm not on about setting up a savings account or visiting the Caribbean)... i'm sioe you already think he's sexy and beautiful and awesome so just tell him!

  • I like to tell my boyfriend how handsome he is, and just let him know. Touch him lovingly, compliment his body and personality traits that you like about him.

    • Awesome I just did that right now.. i sent him a text of how he has physical things I like about him.. he said "stop lol" I'm sure though he enjoys hearing that.. i will continue to remind him.. thank you for your help

    • he's probably flattered and embarrassed at the same time haha. Yes, guys like to be complemented too! you're welcome :)

    • Haha true :)