I have a question about why girls run?

I am looking for a serious relationship with a lady. I just don't get why they run when everything is good. They tell me I am the nicest guy and handsome blah blah blah. I recently had a girl tell me she cared a lot about me but said she wasn't ready and ran. Why don't girls like nice guys? Am I doing something wrong.


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  • Girls expect to be excited and when someone is good to them, they get bored. Sad, I know. Then there are girls who will appreciate that a guy actually treats them right. You'll find your one someday, don't you worry. I have an acquaintance I know, a guy who is 37 and just found one of his first long-term girlfriends and he couldn't be happier. It just takes a great deal of patience and faith in knowing a good girl will come along :)


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  • It could be for any number of reasons. Perhaps they just don't see a future in the relationship... It happens... Not everybody is as compatible as we want them to be. Sometimes they're not ready for commitment and want more fun and danger and unknown, thrill of the chase type thing. Or maybe they think it will stunt career growth or personal life goals. People tend to drift when in a relationship. And some people feel they need to achieve something they can call their own. Basically what I'm trying to say is try not to take it personally cos 9/10 times it's more to do with them than you.

  • nope you are not doing anything wrong but some girls are a drama-holic... they tend to have bad boys so they can live this dramatic events which a nice guy will avoid so they will get bored and runs away... and as I said SOME girls are and some are not so don't worry sooner or later you will find your right one

  • It's a maturity thing.
    It's also a self respect thing.
    And a mental health thing.

    Some people can't stand being in a stable relationship, because instability is all they know. Too much moving as a kid, too few long term friends, too many bad things happening, etc. A lot of things can change how a person thinks. But a lot of people don't know what to do with themselves when things are going well, and start getting anxious, then make bad things happen before something even worse can happen (because they think it'll fall apart violently, or something).

    Some folks also just get really bored when things are going well, so they expose themselves to bad situations, trash talking, etc. by getting in and out of one bad relationship after another.

    It gets less and less common as you get older.

  • It's because for whatever reason, when you're doing everything right, everything a woman SAYS they want, they get this bug up their ass that at any minute, the entire relationship is going to fall apart and they're going to get hurt. So they run away and break off the relationship because they "just don't feel it's going to work out".

    • So I am not doing anything wrong?

    • Doesn't sound like it. In fact it sounds like you're doing everything right. And a lot of times when you do everything right, they run anyway because you can't "possibly really care about them that much"