Does my best friend have feelings for me?

Hi. My best and I have been friends for two years. Over the past few months we've been very affectionate towards each other. We would hug every time we said goodbye or through out the day. He would also kiss my forehead/temple several times throughout the day and rest his head ontop of mine.

Also he doesn't do this to our mutual friend who is also a girl.

Does he have feelings? I have feelings for him and maybe he's picked up on it?


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  • Two years eh? Usually I would say not to make a move and just encourage the guy until he shows his intentions. In this case, it almost sounds like you're already dating but you just haven't talked about it yet.

    If you're best friends with him, I'm pretty sure you could judge his intentions better than I can as a stranger. It sounds like the two of you are close enough it's worth having a conversation to define where you stand. If I had to guess, I'd say one or both of you would probably be jealous if someone else stepped between you, and if I'm right, its definitely time to define things.

    Just say something like "I'd like to talk about 'us' sometime" and make sure you talk in person or on the phone, note over text. Good luck, I'm praying for you!


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  • His behavior is a bit too physical for it to be exclusively considered as friendly. Guys aren't that touchy with their girl friends, so yes he may have a crush on you.

  • maybe he has feelings for you but to be honest those signs he is showing is so weak... maybe you can just bring the subject up with him in a hint way and see what will happen

  • depend on your cultural background? , i heard some people in Europe express their friendliness with hugs and kiss in cheek/forehead ( even with same gender)..


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