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So when i was in middle school i talked to a few older guys like as friends. There was this guy that i would see around but he never caught my attention i would talk to his friends but i never talked to him. Now im in college and in like Feb he would poke me but i never poked him back & a few months ago we started talking on fb & we hit it off great he is such an amazing person & he's so funny so one day on fb he asked for my number so i gave it to him & weeks later he asked to hang out he doesn't live far from me so i said yea and we walked around these houses just talking what i liked most is that he would ask like if he could hug me & kiss me. he was so respectful & i loved it. the day we hung out was amazing he was the sweetest guy ever that same day he asked me to be his gf & of course i said yes. it was getting dark so his mom took me home. I went to arizona for a few weeks but he still didn't change he would wake me up with goodmorning texts & goodnight texts. when i came back we would hang out like 3 times a week it was either in my car or in his house like i honestly did everything for this guy i got him a video game he wanted i would bring him snacks if i knew he didn't eat & i was having lunch with my friends i would take him food & now he changed like its been 3 months & i feel him like not wanting to hang out anymore like it just hurt me & the texts just turned into morning & night like wtf so i broke up with him like last week and now i feel like i miss him i cry at night i sleeep with his shirt like I don't know what to do like we still talk just that i have to be the one to text him first. should i move on or should i keep trying? just give me advice cause i am so lost D: ? or what you guys think?


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  • Babes keep trying honestly ! You two are so cute together !!! And trust me he hasn't lost feelings for you ! ❤️❤️

    • ugh i feel like he has v. v
      i mean we text the same but just not Babe or anything cute anymore :(


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  • Why do feel the need to break up with him? All I see is that he text you differently, and how often do you two hang out when he started changing? Plus if he texted you night, morning... And that's all your reasons for breaking up with him... Then that's not good. And why do you feel with proof he's not into you as he use to?

    • i broke up with him already cause i would hardly see him anymore you get me like i would ask to hang out & he would tell me he was busy & shit & i wouldn't nag i would be like okay & then i would ask on his days off and he would tell me the same thing so i was like okay whatever & it honestly hurt & he was just changing like in little ways
      & i dont need proof i could just feel him like not wanting me anymore

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    • Glad I could help. Your smile means a lot to me. I mean your welcome. Good luck. Goodnight. This us so weird. Anywho. Your welcome.

    • Aha Goodnight ^-^

  • first of all did you asked him why did he change? I mean before you broke up with him

    • no i didn't like i wanted to hang out & he would be like im busy im like yea all of a sudden your busy but i never told him tht i was just like okay & when i broke up with him he didn't text back

    • maybe he has a tough thing happening to him and you didn't even asked about maybe he got a reason for that... try to figure it out

  • Alright, at the beginning all was good, then after a while he clearly got bored. Good choice to break up, because someone that will truly love you, will not let you go. You can ask him what went wrong and try again, if you feel it was not meant to be, just move on.

    • yea thats what i was thinking but ugh its honestly so hard to let go of someone you were just so used to and i was starting to talk with one of my friends named mouse & we were talking good & he started calling me babe & im like no. I try to talk to other guys but its not the same

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  • Keep trying :) but if you see no difference give it a rest :/