How can I get a FWB?

OK I'm a guy. I meet a lot of girls who tell me I'm hot and girls seem to like me. But I don't want a girlfriend right now. I would love to have a friends with benefits but I've never tried since I dont want to just use a girl. But then reading stuff here it seems like some girls like this arrangenment. So how would I find a girl that wants a FWB?


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  • I don't have experience in this area but I've been pretty close. First be good looking or be funny or both, know this girl long enough and really like her not just "oh her tits and ass are nice" like her but "her smile is pretty she is sweet and i like her tits and ass too" you want to total package but it would help if she has a idgaf attitude like yeah whatever and if she likes video games genuinly not "im a girl gamer for attention" ik that sounds difficult but its not too bad just find a really cool and calm relaxed laid back girl there are more than you think. That one girl who isn't a slut bucket and isn't dying the shit out of her hair blonde and using push up bras and doesn't give a fuck what people say is the one you wanna go after! Hope I helped.


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  • Firstly make it clear from the start that this i the situation you want.
    And when i say clear i mean it. Dont feed her crap and dont talk about your futures together as this will just make her get feelings and will hurt.

    That doesn't mean you meet a girl and tell her straight away as that comes across as too confrontational and i know from the past it puts me on the back foot immediately.

    I guess next time you meet a girl keep it casual and over the next few catch ups say that you dont want anything serious but enjoy her company. You are happy to catch up and keep everything casual but dont want to commit.

    The sooner you make your intentions clear the less likely anyone is to get hurt and if it isn't her cup of tea you'll know sooner.


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  • Just meet the girl and tell her from the beginning that you're not looking for any relationship, just to make some friends and have some fun. If she has the same interests as you, and is attracted to you, then there'll be no problems in making her your F buddy.