Should I choose: Face, personality, femininity OR Body, shared interests, friendship, conversation?

I have a choice to make between two girls with these defining characteristics, I'm looking or a long term relationship and all the same these are the points it comes down to.

Girl 1 has a beautiful face and an endearing personality and is very feminine which i find attractive.

Girl 2 is in very good shape and shares most of my hobbies meaning activities are never difficult to choose, we get on great like old friends and conversation is easy.

  • Girl 1: Face, personality, femininity
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  • Girl 2: Body, shared interests, friendship, conversation
    88% (7)60% (3)77% (10)Vote
  • Results
    12% (1)40% (2)23% (3)Vote
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  • I voted B, but is it really wise to ask the internet which girl you should date? I mean, it depends on which girl you like more, and only that. To answer your question, I think having common interest and the ability to hold a conversation is more important than being feminine.

    • Well I'm not going to go straight to the winning poll option, yet what people say and how they vote helps me to ground my thoughts. It's like how people talk to other people to find out what they think themselves

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  • Any girl that can be your best friend is a girl worth keeping around if you find her equally appealing on a romantic level.

  • Girl 3: face, personality, shared interests, friendship, conversation. Body and femininity might change

    • so i need to combine the two girls? hmm

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