Help with this please?

How can i tell if my ex misses me i mean we still talk & fuck around he just doesn't call me babe anymore we dont hang out anymore


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  • If you fuck but you don't hang out otherwise, then that is a pretty strong indication that the guy has lost interest in you as a person and just sees you as a convenient way to have sex. Which would indicate that he doesn't miss you. If he missed you, he would be wanting to see more of you, without sex needing to be on the table.

    • No we never fucked i meant fucked around like we say all this stupid shit not literally fuck

    • ooohhh, lol, yeah, ok, that changes your question quite a lot. So this is an ex-boyfriend, but you two never had sex, and while you still joke around and act playful around each other you don't actually hang out and just spend time together?

      If that's the case... then I honestly don't know if he misses you. You would have to ask him. That's one that is way too hard to call. If you are asking him to hang out and he is saying 'no', then he probably wouldn't be missing you. But other than that, it's too close to call.


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  • you dont need to try to figure it out... just ask him out of the blue..."do you still miss me?". you'll get your answer lol. he doesn't call you "babe" anymore probably because you are not his girl and he doesn't feel entitled to call you "babe". unless he goes around calling every girl "babe"... then it's a different story. i dont usually hang out with my exs neither because it's not normal lol. except one... only because she was one of best friends before we became exclusive.

  • if by fuck around you mean you still have sex then I can almost guarantee he is using you for a lay.

    • Noo i meant like we mess. around like in joking around i never gave it up to him

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    • Haha yeah obviously xD right but fuck im scared to like askk him D: my bestfriends like call him call him but im scared i feel like i liked him waaay more than he did like i did everything for guy

    • inbox me, we can talk about it!

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  • Sounds like he is using you for sex if all you do is talk and hookup every now and then. If he won't hang out with you then he is clearly not interested in pursuing a relationship any further than what you have. I would cut off contact with him and move on to a new life if I were you.