Is this a good way to ask someone out?

Alright I posted a question about this same girl the other day, but anon so if just by some rare coincedence she read the question I wouldn't be outed. I really just adore this girl in one my classes. We've studied together twice now and even though it's a bit fast I want to ask her out. I do not know about her relationship status and I don't really want to mess anything up because she's really nice. I was thinking of sending her this text, because I just can't wait to ask her.
"Hey (Name), this may be a bit forward, but I really enjoy studying and talking with you. Would you like to go out to dinner sometime this weekend?"
And if she says no...
"Alright, I hope this doesn't make anything awkward. I'm totally happy being just friends! :)"

I tend to overthink things, but as I said I just really don't want to fuck up because this is the first girl I've felt comfortable talking to and I really just feel like I can be myself around her.
Thanks GAGers so much! You've been an incredible amount of help and even if this doesn't work out the skills and lessons I've learned here are priceless.


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  • I think your choice of text is great! and if she says no its good that you have a back up text as well which is equally good :) Obviously not just yet, but sometime later if all goes well with your date maybe tell her that you feel comfortable talking with her, I'm sure she would like to hear that :)


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  • Ask her face to face. Tell her that and make her feel special. nothing is going to happen if she says no.

  • Just ask to hang out at first, give her the chance to know you a little bit before asking her out on a date. Good luck, you sound like an awesome guy, she will be a lucky girl if she accepts.

  • I'm sorry but if you like her so much i wouldn't ask her out over text, you could maybe give her a note?

    • What about asking her after we study? Like just say what I just typed essentially

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    • That's what I meant, in person, but saying essentially the same thing as what I wrote. Except the backup thing about being awkward according to the guy below

    • text isn't so bad.. it eliminates some of the awkward silence and tension for the girl as well

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  • Ask her out in person or over the phone. Also you need to see if she is dropping any hints that she may like you back. Texting isn't a great way to ask to someone out. And don't say anything about awkwardness, it will create an awkward situation.

    • Alright, I won't say awkward. What are some typical hints? I'm really new to this, I've kind of put off dating for most of time at college to focus on classes and because I've been rather unsuccessful at it throughout my life.