Moments that changed your (dating) life?

What were some moments, looking back, that really changed your perspective, attitude, and/or behavior as it relates to intimacy with the opposite sex or same sex if you're gay.

For me, it was having my first relationship end with her essentially keeping me in a relationship while she explored other options and then freaked out when i finally broke up with her and tried to get me back. Now I do that to other people over and over.

Having sex with a girl AFTER she caught me cheating once made me feel like it's no big deal to cheat on girls because they have some superhuman ability to get over that shit.

Being 22 and having my longest relationship been 1 year when I was 16 makes me just say... damn. And start to really think about turning my dating life around in a major way and actually thinking about what little I actually know about long-term dating and relationships despite knowing a shit load about getting into relationships in under a month.


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  • When I saw my grandmother pass on. I entered such a deep depression at that point I was just done... I can't really go into to details, because of how emotionally racked I was... Most of it was just a sadistic blur of my own entrapment , but I can tell you this. Anything pain or feeling of loneliness I have felt to this day has been nothing compared to when that woman left me alone. I know it's selfish to put it that way, because if it was up to her she would still be here, but it was my greatest heart break. I love her so much. I feel like ending my life wouldn't do her beauty justice, so I share the love that was place in me by her to my friends, family even random strangers. I hope that they know someone loves them and they don't have to be in pain. I know unconditional love has truly changed me. Every single person I meet in this life will only last, but a moment, and in that moment I'd like to show them that love exist. I hope one day I can meet my grandmother again, so I can thank her and share what a wonderful life I had.


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  • As a young teenager and young adult I had almost no self esteem whatsoever - and was the biggest coward you could possibly find. Back then my deepest yearning was to find a guy would provide for me and dominate / control me so I'd have no other obligations than to take care of the family.

    Now that I'm more religious my deepest desire is to feel good about myself and I have no desire to give up my career for a guy. I study hard in school and I try to get the highest mark in my class even though one of my closest friends tends to do better than me - it's not too late to outsource her yet - we are both competing for top dog in the class but anything above 85 is a 4.0 so if I get an 85 and she gets a 92 we will still both have the same grade in the course. That is what I'm aiming for right now.

    I think my turning point is in realizing that God is the one who gives my life meaning - and not some guy - no matter how wonderful he is.


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  • A while ago a girl I loved rejected me after I did everything I could to show her I was the right guy for her. She only wanted to be friends. It shattered all of the illusions I had about dating. I'd read too much and watched too many movies -- thinking that being the right guy, listening to what they say, doing thoughtful things was how you got the girl you wanted. I'd been lied to my whole life about relationships and so I came down out of the clouds and started looking at the way things really are. So I've stopped caring about them, going out of my way to help them, being the kind of guy they should want, etc. And it's funny because it seems to be working but I don't want a relationship anyway so it's kind of a mute point.