If a girl says "You're my favorite", would you consider that "friend-zoned"?

I was talking to this girl I like a couple days ago, and we were just joking around and having fun. Before we got off the phone, she keep saying that I'm her favorite, a few times. Earlier today we hung out and all that, had some laughs and she kept calling me her favorite again.

Her best-friend and sister tell me that she talks about me a lot, but they all do so that's no help. Would you consider being called "my favorite" friend-zoned? or should i keep trying?


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  • Favorite what? Favorite in general? I think you're over-thinking this one. It's just a random term of endearment that depending on the girl and her word choice, could be flirty or could be just off hand or could be putting you in the friendzone.

    • She just says "You're my favorite". Yeah, I'm more than likely over-thinking the whole thing. Just the way or I guess the timing in which she says it seems like it means something more. But yeah, probably just over-thinking the whole thing.


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  • I would tend to say yeah. I've been many girls "favorite" but none of them had a romantic interest in me. So she just uses it as a term of endearment. Now, if she starts asking you for favors or money, and shows no sign of interest in you, then she's using you.

    • Damn that sucks, but thanks.

  • If she says, "you're my favorite!" and you didn't just finish cumming on her face, then yeah, she's probably not into you.