Do you think it is a mental condition if you can't get over a crush for years?

It doesn't make sense. There has to be some type of an issue if I am constantly thinking about a guy I have hardly talked to for years..


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  • You need to be vulnerable again, like you were at that time. You've filled your head full of a fantasy that never was and as great as it seems, things can get better I promise that.

    • I'm not sure if I can be vulnerable like that again to be honest. I was a different girl back then.

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    • Okay thanks for this!

    • You're welcome. If you need aid, misery loves company.


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  • Got the same thing.

  • Have you been out with other guys since then?

    • Tons have asked me out and I get hit on often. But this particular guy was just different and I was the one who rejected him at first and then fell for him so it's messed up... anyway we stopped talking so we had a little history and he's gone now he moved so I feel like a crazy person.

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    • completely different city like 6 hours away I don't want to him back I really just want to move on from him and have a clear mind

    • Ok good then he should be out of your life. Now you just need a way to get over him for good

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  • possibly. i think you just romanticized him in your head. crushes are great in that sense. you never get to know them well enough to start loathing them.

    • It's to the point that it's causing me stress though I haven't seen this guy in a year cause he moved and yet I still think about him like that's not normal to me. and on top of that we haven't talked for 2 years so what am i holding on to? like i've gotten over long term relationships faster than this..

  • no, an obsession possibly.

    • how do i get over it?

    • It is possible to get over it. Ask yourself should u get over it and move on? If u can't get in communication with that guy again for whatever reason, let him go. Moving on from someone can be quite difficult-I know. It does take time usually time doesn't heal all wounds but as more time goes on, u can feel better and move on from the guy.

    • thank you ill try