Are they scared of me? what's the deal?

ok I'm majoring in chemical engineering I pretty much an a straight A student. I'm always partying and hang out with people and I have usually have at least 2 part time jobs. I have tons of friends mainly guys because of my major. But I don't have a boyfriend. guys are always telling me that I'm hot and sexy and fun to hangout with but the only guys who ask me out a like 5 years older than me. my question is do guys have a problem dating someone who they think is smarter than them? what's the deal?


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  • I love asking out nerdy girls, especially the sexy ones. Apparently I'm an exception, though, because I keep hearing stories about boys who are afraid of girls who are smarter, or make more money, or whatever.

    There are plenty of others like me, though. Just keep your eyes open for guys who aren't scared of smart girls, and when we show interest, show some back!

    Also, if you have straight A's and multiple jobs, you probably don't have much free time. Make sure you explain this to any guys who ask you out so they aren't left wondering why you take so long to return their calls, why you're rarely available, etc. I've dated girls who had busy work schedules and many obligations - it can work, it just takes some patience and communication.

    By the way, avoid any male who says he has "game" unless he's under 15 years old. It's solid proof that everything he thinks about girls, he learned from watching MTV. Thus it's extremely unlikely that he'll be mature enough to deal with a smart, ambitious young woman.


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  • There is a reason you typically see an older guy with a younger girl, confidence. Guys at the same age as you (especially in your major) probably don't have a lot of it, especially for someone their own age. Add to that your intelligence and that's probably pretty intimidating for a lot of guys.

  • Yes, because you'll own them. You'll take everything they have and give back little. Every happy relationship is founded on equality, in all things.

  • Yes they can't hack you being smarter, more confident and more popular , until a player or someone with game comes along and seduces you properly... and will take the lead, and have enough high self esteem and confidence to take you...


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