If you're not in a exclusive relationship with someone would you call them a term of endearment?

The guy I'm "kinda" seeing calls me "sweet girl" in text messages and I'm sure how to take that. We've been seeing each other for about 2 months but he "doesn't know" if we wants to be in a "exclusive relationship" yet so why the hell is he saying "Hey sweet girl"?


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  • I'm seeing a guy like that and he is not exclusive with me.
    I don't know he does that... The other night when he told me I am his precious angle I laughed and told him he reminded me of the Lord of The Rings when he said it. lol
    He then assisted that I was his sweet girl. To which I gave a skeptical look and he questioned my look and I laughed and told him he was bright.

    BooYah Sucka. :) --- Again, I don't know why guys do that.

    • I don't know why he does that. ***

    • Try not to stress it though and play it through if you are interested in him...
      Just don't get too caught up feeling wise right now.

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  • If he is using pet names like that, then you probably should establish your relationship as exclusive, because he clearly thinks of you as something special. you should tell him that you want to be exclusive.


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  • Your reading too much into it. I guess he's just trying to be affectionate through text.

  • Yes, I would call them. and they would call me.. not a big thing