How to tell her I like her?

I've been talking to her for a little over 2 months now and we have yet to hug, kiss, or even admit feelings for each other. I want to tell her I like her, but I'm not sure how to. Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • what stage do you consider you're friendship with her? is it close or just like other friends?
    well this is a lot more important because if you're not close to her then there are chances that you might end up with wrong situations which you din't want..

    • I'd consider us between friends and dating. We text everyday, hang out a couple times a week, have both hinted at liking each other, and I also tell her she looks/acts cute all the time. I don't give my other female friends this much attention

    • well then in that case you're on the right path.. and the hinted thing is surely a good thing you guys have done.. take a little more time to know her more and then propose her one day.. im sure she would say yes.. good luck chap! :)

    • to add to that.. keep making her feel special and blessed.. this makes a girl really very happy and would make her fall for u.. :) ( i believe so)


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  • just tell her, tell her why you like her too! i always like it when people are upfront with me and just go for it. she probably is waiting for you to make a move.


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  • Ask her out, at the end of the date tell her you like her a lot. Or if there's another time that seems right...

    And try knowing a girl for about 13 months, crushing on her for 9 months, and still never hugging, kissing, or admitting feelings to her, and just recently she got a boyfriend.

  • In order for her to like you even more than you should talk a lot about Arrow episodes with her. Then you both throw cupid arrows to each other. Guaranteed a successful relationship. Solved!