Girl says she's busy for second date?

On Monday, I had a short lunch date with a girl in one of my college classes. I asked her at the end if we could do something together again sometime and she said "yeah, sure!" We had our class together on Wednesday and everything was normal. She sat next to me like she always does and we talked a little bit throughout. Today, I texted her asking if she'd like to do something together next week sometime and she said she is unsure of her schedule right now because she has a test on Friday that she will be studying for all week. I asked her if she wanted me to text her again next week to see if she has a better idea of what her schedule is like, and she said "yeah, that sounds good!" and then told me to have a good weekend. I'm not sure if she really meant this or is just trying not to hurt my feelings.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Mid terms are happening this week in my university so it is understandable and since she is in school dating might be at the bottom of her priority list.


What Guys Said 1

  • The only way to know for sure is when next week comes. And instead of texting, CALL her and ask out her out. Much more personal touch.